The Over-Stressed Body

Chronic Depletion

When we are strong and healthy and have little stress in our lives, we are resilient.  We can rebound when something goes wrong in our lives.  Our system is strong enough to bring us back to health and wellness.

But when our systems are subject to long-term or multiple stressors – be they physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, social or even lifestyle – we become depleted as the strain becomes greater than our capacity for compensation.  If we are depleted long enough, chronic depletion results.

The circumstances of chronic depletion resemble this:

  • The nervous system is over-stimulated, often stuck in the fight-or-flight mode.

  • The body is not relaxed. Muscles are tight.

  • Multiple health conditions are present and there is no clear cause for them. 

  • Energy for self-regulation, the capacity to overcome existing and new stress, is low and has to be built up.

CranioSacral Therapy can help relax and ease the nervous system, and release tissue restrictions.  This will lessen the overload on the system and help the body gain the strength it needs to heal.


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