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Pregnancy and Conception

CranioSacral Therapy supports pregnant, laboring and postpartum women by releasing restrictions in the body and the pelvis and creating a sense of physical and emotional expansion and well being.


When a woman is experiencing high levels of stress and living in the fight-or-flight state, the body is not prepared for reproduction. Because of its relaxing nature, CST can help women attain proper parasympathetic function (the opposite of “fight-or-flight”), which readies the body for conception and fertility.

A 2014 U.S. study published in the journal Human Reproduction found that highly stressed women “took 29 percent longer to get pregnant compared to other women and [that] their risk of infertility doubled.” A U.K. study published around the same time found similar results when surveying couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.

CST can also address the physical manifestations of strong emotions such as fear leftover from previous pregnancies or births.

Additionally, a misaligned pelvic structure or chronic muscle tension in the low back or pelvic floor can adversely affect nerves that supply the reproductive organs as well as the organs themselves. CST can help alleviate such tension so all the bones, muscles, organs, and nerves of the pelvis can regain optimal function to support conception and a healthy pregnancy.


By balancing and unwinding the pelvis CST can help ease ligament pain, low back pain, hip pain, and promote optimal fetal positioning. CST promotes a state of stillness and a sense of open-heartedness ideal for bonding with baby. During a session fears or previous childbirth traumas can be gently addressed and released. These sessions are a great way to prepare body-mind-spirit for childbirth and motherhood.

Craniosacral therapy assists the pregnant woman along her journey into mothering by releasing restrictions in the body and pelvis to co-create an optimal birthing experience. During pregnancy, one of the primary focuses is to release restrictions in the pelvis to resolve back and hip pain and tension and to prepare for an optimal labor and birth, including promoting optimal fetal positioning. Craniosacral bodywork assists the baby in the womb to have optimal labor, birth and bonding.

Craniosacral supports the pregnant women’s inner resources for health, facilitating global balance in the body, heart and spirit. Through light touch, a therapist can balance the pelvis and uterus in pregnancy to ease and prevent ligament pain, posterior babies and low back, hip or rib pain. During labor and birth, women have obtained profound benefit from midwives and doulas trained in craniosacral therapy who are able to support them with comfort measures to balance and unwind the pelvis, uterus and sacrum.


During the postpartum period, craniosacral therapy restores musculoskeletal reintegration, emotional balance and pelvic health and helps alleviate the discomforts of newborn care and mothering. Craniosacral therapy is even more effective for infants when the mother is simultaneously treated. The mother can be treated while holding the baby or while the baby lies on the mother’s belly; the baby also receives treatment this way.


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