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“Nothing to dislike. I have received a lot of cranial sacral work since 1997. He was very knowledgeable. Zeroed right in to my problem areas. The energy in the space and in him was incredible. My knee and hip currently have about 1/4 of the pain level from when I walked in. The right arm which was the worst area is felling better and I think after another session will be good to go. I would HIGHLY recommend your services to any of my friends. Thank you thank you, Namaste,”

Mugsy L.

“I just met Jonathan, yet I immediately felt energetically connected. It was as if his fingers were talking to my body. He immediately and gently went straight to painful points which I never told him about. Many pains have since shifted or completely disappeared. I went to him initially because I had gone for the first time to another body worker which resulted in a bad headache which would not go away( I rarely get headaches). It was gone after our session. What a blessing in disguise! ”


“I enjoyed his very humble, grounded nature, although he is a exceptional practitioner. Jonathan fully listens and really enters into my pain, like a good, strong friend. His open-minded approach while not being limited to dogma or belief made for a commutable and strong place to explore whatever ailments you may have. Jonathan is a greathearted person, a fine-tuned professional, and an effective healer ”

Lisa B.

"I am so happy to have found Jonathan. Of course, Spirit provided the connection at the perfect time. I generally am more comfortable working with females but I loved Jonathan's energy almost instantly. I have complete and utter trust with him. I am truly grateful for this healing experience in a wonderful place filled with safe and effective energy. What a blessing to have found Blue Buddha!”

Jo R.

“Jonathan is an amazing practitioner and I am incredibly grateful to be working with him. He is kind and gentle and every-time I leave a treatment my body and mind are much more relaxed and clear. Jonathan has helped me recover from my car accident as well as address other medical issues. I can not speak any higher of Jonathan and his incredible skill as a body worker.”


“Jonathan is a tremendously gifted body-worker. He is professional, thoughtful and remarkably intuitive. I have been his client for over a year and my health has improved greatly, including healing from dizziness, headaches and complex layers of emotional and physical trauma. He listens carefully to both what you say and what your body tells him, tailoring your session accordingly. I always leave my sessions feeling calmer, lighter and more balanced. I could not give any higher of a recommendation and encourage others to seek out his work. Thanks so much Jonathan!”

Christa G.

“I had never had a Cranial Sacral session until I was referred to Jonathan Moore-Garrison for my chronic jaw pain. For about a year and a half I could not eat anything tough and could not even open my mouth enough to bite into an apple without severe pain. Before seeing him I was told I needed constructive jaw surgery and braces (very expensive and invasive to the body). I saw Jonathan for about 10 sessions and was relieved of all pain. About 4 months later and I still have no pain! At first I was skeptical of going to a cranial sacral worker, but it was much cheaper and less invasive, and everyone had talked so highly of it. I HIGHLY suggest Jonathan's Cranial Sacral work. My advice is to go in with an open mind and patience in order to see results. 10 sessions and I am healed! Jonathan gave me techniques to stay aware of my body tension as homework to do before our next  session, which helped continue the healing process throughout the week. When I asked questions after or before sessions, he was clear and informative about the process and was sure to answer all of my questions. It gave me more ease and relief to be educated on what was happening in my own body. I would also suggest a follow up session even after symptoms are relieved. I believe our bodies carry and remember our experiences including the trauma we may experience, so even though symptoms may decrease or go away, it is possible that the pain can return in mysterious ways due to how our bodies compensated for the injury/trauma we experienced. Another aspect of my cranial sacral experience that allowed for healing was being very comfortable with the process and allowing my body to take control instead of my mind. Our minds can hinder the healing process. It took a few sessions just to get comfortable with someone new, but stick with it. If this work is not for you, you will most likely know after the first 5-10 sessions (in my experience). Of course, everyone has different paths and speeds of healing. Definitely recommended!”

Hannah R.


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